Meet our Pastors

Paul original

Paul Thompson

Paul became Pastor of Eastside Baptist Church, June 2001. 
Paul and his wife Renee were married December 20, 1986. They have 
two sons; David lives in Twin Falls, Idaho. Silas and Bianca and granddaughter Ruth who also live in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Born: October 20, 1966
Born Again: September, 1975
Called to Ministry: 1985
Hobbies: reading, hiking, camping, kite flying, gardening
Favorite foods: Pizza, Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich, Stir Fry
Favorite Drinks: Raspberry or Strawberry Limeade and Diet Coke with vanilla (from Sonic)
Influential Books: Bible, Romans; "Screwtape Letters" - C.S. Lewis; "Raising a Modern Day Knight" - Robert Lewis; "Brothers, We Are Not Professionals" - John Piper; "the Holy War" - John Bunyan; "Alarm to the Unconverted" - Joseph Alliene

Paul is also director of New Horizon Home in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

Paul has been Vice President of the Saudi Advocacy Network, a network of believers praying that the Gospel will reach Saudi's in Saudi Arabia, served as vice president of the Utah/Idaho Southern Baptist Convention, president of the Utah Idaho Southern Baptist Convention, and moderator of the Magic Valley Baptist Association.


John original

John Martinez

John was called as associate pastor of Eastside in January of 2006.  
John has been married to Shari since August 15,1987.  
They have two grown daughters Jessica lives in Colorado, and Julia lives in Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Born: February 6, 1965
Born Again: Summer 1975
Called to Ministry: Summer 1982
Hobbies: Fishing (any type) and hunting
Favorite Foods: New Mexico Green Chile on anything, avocados, most wild game.
Favorite Drink: 'Milky Way' (caramel mocha) and sometimes Dr. Pepper.
Influential books: the Bible, The Epistle James, "Up With Worship" - Ann Ortlund (out of print)
Inspirational Activities: I love to lead and see others worship. I am constantly looking for new ideas, media, songs and books to teach me how to help others connect with God.

John is also chaplain for the Idaho National Guard