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What does it mean to be an "Age-Integrated" church

First: Our position is not a statement about other churches or a judgment of the intent of "age-segregated" churches.

Second: At Eastside, all corporate gatherings are attended by all ages. Adults and children ordinarily attend all gatherings together. Children attend church services without being dismissed and instead of attending age specific ministries. We do not have age grouped activities for children and youth. 

Third: This does not mean that we oppose evanglistic efforts of some ages. We see the primary duty of teaching believer's children is the duty of parents. Where there are not believing parents to do this we call on other families to bring these children with them to the gatherings of the church.

Don't hessitate to ask any questions.

ESBC Statement Concerning Family Integration

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Eastside Baptist Church

A Southern Baptist Church, Established in 1972.

Structured under the 1925 New Hampshire Confession; meaning we are lead by a plurality of pastors/elders and governed by congregational rule.

We are an age-integrated congregation; meaning all ages are integrated in all corporate gatherings. 

We partner with Southern Baptists; meaning we are an independent local church who voluntarily partners with the Magic Valley Baptist Association, Utah/Idaho Southern Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention.

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New Horizon Home

New Horizon Home
established in 2012
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

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Eastside Constitution

204 Eastland Drive North
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301
For the purpose of preserving and making secure the principles of our faith and to the end that this body be governed in an orderly manner, consistent with accepted tenets of the Southern Baptist Churches affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, and for the purpose of preserving the liberties inherent in each individual member of the church, and to set forth the relationship of this body to other bodies of the same faith and religions of different faiths, we do declare and establish this constitution.
This body shall be known as the Eastside Southern Baptist Church of Twin Falls, Twin Falls County, in the state of Idaho.
The purpose of this body shall be to provide regular opportunities for public worship, to sustain the ordinances, doctrines and ethics set forth in the New Testament for the Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ; to mature its members through a program of Christian Education; to channel its offerings to the support of God’s work on earth, and to preach the propagate among all people the gospel of the Revelation of God through Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, as directed by the church in business session.
SECTION 1. The membership of this church shall be composed of persons who have given evidence of regeneration, who have been baptized my immersion, who have been subscribed to the covenant and constitution of this church, and who have been received by vote of the church.
SECTION 2. A member of another Baptist church of like faith and order may be received by vote of the church upon a letter of dismission from that church.
SECTION 3. Anyone who has once been a member of a Baptist church, and in consequence of peculiar circumstances has no regular letter of dismission, may be received into our fellowship upon a statement satisfactory to the church.
SECTION 4. Letters of dismission may be granted to any church of like faith and order for members in good standing. When letters are granted, membership in this church will terminate.
SECTION 5. When a member of this church joins a church of different faith and order, membership in this church will terminate.
SECTION 6. The church, after due notice and opportunity for hearing and kindly efforts to make such action unnecessary, may terminate the membership of persons who habitually absent themselves from the services when well and able to attend, or otherwise fail to fulfill the obligations specified in the Church Covenant,
SECTION 7. In considering the duties involved, members are expected, first of all, to be faithful in all duties essential to the Christian life; to attend regularly to services of the church; to give regularly and systematically to its support and causes; and to share in its organized work.
SECTION 8. In considering the rights involved, member, and members only, may act and vote in the transactions of the church.
SECTION 9.  Only those 21 years or older may vote on legal matters.
SECTION 1. This church shall hold regular meetings for worship, teaching, training, and fellowship.
SECTION 2. This church shall hold regular business meetings at which time the material and spiritual conditions of the church will be discussed, and plans projected for its material and spiritual growth and outreach.
SECTION 3. Other meetings of the church as a whole, or of authorized groups within the church, shall be set according to the needs of the congregation.
SECTION 1. Officers: the officers of this church shall be a pastor, deacons or other vocational leadership as needed, trustees, clerk, treasurer, and such other officers as shall be required for the work of the church in any of its departments or organizations. All of these shall be elected by the church and shall be members in good standing.
SECTION 2. Election and duties:
A.       PASTOR
Whenever a vacancy occurs, a pastor shall be called by the church to serve until the relationship is dissolved at the request of the pastor or the church. In either case, at least sixty days notice shall be give of termination of the relationship, unless otherwise mutually agreed, with both pastor and the church seeking to follow the will of God and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. The call of the pastor shall take place at a meeting especially set for that purpose of which one week’s notice has been given to the membership. The election shall be upon the recommendation of a special committee appointed to seek out and nominate as a pastor, a minister of the Gospel whose Christian character and qualifications fit him for office of pastor of this church. The committee shall bring only one name at a time for consideration of the church, no nomination shall be made except that of the committee. Election shall be by ballot with an affirmative vote of three-fourths of those present and voting necessary for a call. Should the one recommended by the committee fail to receive three-fourths vote, the committee will be instructed to seek out another minister, and the meeting shall be adjourned without debate.
The pastor shall have in charge of the welfare and oversight of the church; he shall be ex-officio member of all organizations, departments and committees; he may call a special meeting of any committee according to procedures which may be set forth in the By-Laws; he shall conduct religious services in stated and special occasions, administer the ordinances, minister to the members of the church and community, and perform other duties that usually pertain to that office; he shall have a special charge of the pulpit ministry of the church. He shall arrange for workers to assist in revival meetings and other special services in cooperation with the church and with the approval of the church. The pastors shall preside at all meetings of the church except as otherwise provided in the By-Laws. He shall be the administrative head of the church.
B.       DEACONS
New deacons shall be selected annually on an as-needed basis. Having served as a deacon in another church shall not necessarily qualify a deacon for service at Eastside. In accordance the New Testament, deacons will serve with the pastor and staff in performing the pastoral ministries of:
(1)     Leading the church in the achievement of its mission.
(2)     Proclaiming the gospel to believers and unbelievers, and
(3)     Caring for the church’s members and attendees.
In the absence of the pastor, the chairman of the deacons shall preside as Moderator.
The church shall elect at least three members to serve as trustees. Their term of office shall be for three years with one-third of the number elected each year. Vacancies may be filled at any time with the one elected filling out the unexpired term of the one whose vacancy is being filled. Having served as a trustee during a previous term will not disqualify a member for re-election.
The trustee shall, as provided by law and action of the church, hold in trust the title to all property of the church and shall represent the church in all matters of legal responsibility regarding the purchase, improvement and disposal of church property. They shall execute all legal papers relating to the church as the church may direct. They shall have no power to buy, sell, mortgage, lease or transfer any property of the church without specific vote of the church authorizing such action; neither shall they have any control over the use of church property except by vote of the church.
D.       CLERK
The clerk shall be elected annually. It shall be his duty to attend, or be represented, at all church business meetings, to keep an accurate record of all business transactions, to prepare the annual association letter an notify all officers, members of committees and messengers of their election appointment. The clerk shall issue letters of dissmission as authorized by the church and preserve a true history of the church. It shall also be the duty of the clerk to see that the accurate roll of the church membership is kept with dates and methods of admission and dismissal, change in name, correct mailing addresses and other pertinent information.
The treasurer shall be selected annually. It shall be the duty of the treasurer to receive, keep in a bank, and disburse by check upon proper authority all money or things of value that are given to the church, and disburse by check on proper authority all money or things of value that are given to the church, and keep at all times an itemized account of all receipts and disbursements; rendering regular account to the church to be preserved by the church clerk. The treasurer’s books shall be audited as arranged by the church, and all books, records, and accounts kept by him shall be considered the property of the church.
SECTION 1.  License.   When a member announces to the church that he feels the call to the ministry, the church, by majority vote, may license him as an acknowledgement of his call to the ministry and encouragement to make preparation for it. The clerk of the church may furnish the member with a copy of the minutes or a certificate of license as his credential. It is understood that the performance of civil duties by the member shall be governed by state law.
SECTION 2.   Ordination.   In the event this church has been requested to ordain a member who has been called as a pastor of a Baptist church, the following procedure shall be followed: The church will express its approval by a vote of three-fourths of all members present at any regularly arranged business meeting of the church. This church shall invite representatives of neighboring Baptist churches to examine the candidate and report to the church. Then in the event the report is found favorable, the church shall proceed with the ordination.
SECTION 3. Property Holding.   It is agreed that the securing and maintaining of real property, buildings and equipment by this church shall be for the express purpose of providing facilities for public worship and for the engagement upon the missionary, educational, and benevolent interests of this church, of the character and in the spirit of the Constitution and Articles of Faith of this congregation.
If at anytime this church shall determine to alter the quality of its beliefs and practices so as in important respects to be at variance with the character described in this Constitution and in these Articles of Faith, if the decision is by less than unanimous vote of those present at a regular business meeting of the church, it is understood that the rights of the property of the church shall belong to that part of the congregation which shall agree to continue to use the property for the purpose for which it was purchased and has been to that time maintained.
This church may withdraw from affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention by a vote of two-thirds of the resident membership; provided that, in the event such vote is less than unanimous, the property of the church shall remain vested in the group in the church desiring to retain its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention; provided further that in all matters relating to its internal affairs the church remains and shall be an autonomous body.
SECTION 1. This constitution shall be considered adopted in immediate effect if and when two-thirds of the members present at the business meeting at which vote is taken shall vote in favor of the same
SECTION 2. This constitution may be amended, altered, or repealed by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular business meeting of church; provided, however, that such amendment alteration or repeal must be given to the clerk in writing; and this proposed change shall be presented to the church at least thirty days prior to the time the vote is taken.
SECTION 1. The regular worship services of the church shall be held on Sundays, unless otherwise agreed upon by the church. The Lord’s Supper shall be observed at least a quarter at the time approved by the church. The annual meeting for the election of officers shall be held during September.
SECTION 2. The church shall hold regular business meetings at least monthly. Special business meetings may be called by the pastor or any member at such time as they may be needed, with reasonable notice of the time and place of the meeting given to the congregation. The pastor shall serve as Moderator of the business sessions of the church. In his absence, or upon his request, the clerk, or some other person chosen by the church, may serve as Moderator.
In addition to those named in the Constitution, other officers of the church shall be a Financial Secretary, Superintendent of the Sunday School, Director of Training Union, Director of Music, Pianist-Organist, and other officers as may be desired. All officers of the church and its organizations, unless otherwise specified, shall be elected for a term of one year.
SECTION 1. Financial Secretary.   The Financial Secretary shall receive the empty offering envelopes after the money has been removed and counted by the proper person; and from theses he shall give each contributor individual credit as provided in the record system approved by the church. He shall keep the envelopes for reference as the church directs. He shall keep records of the receipts from envelopes, plate or loose and miscellaneous special offerings. The Financial Secretary shall also be responsible for preparing and mailing regular statements to all contributing members as the church directs.
SECTION 2. Sunday School Superintendent. The Superintendent of the Sunday School shall have general over sight of the entire school and shall administer its affairs on cooperation with, and according to, the plans and methods of the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, subject to the approval of the local church. He shall acquaint himself with the best methods of religious education and endeavor to adopt them in his school. It shall be his duty to counsel weekly or monthly with his teachers and officers through officers’ and teachers’ meeting, in the work of the school, giving advice and receiving suggestions from his co-workers. He shall see that a full and accurate report is made of the work of the Sunday School in the regular business meetings of the church.
SECTION 3. Training Union Director. The Training Union Director shall have charge of the activities of the Training Union. He shall acquaint himself with the program and methods outlined by the Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention for this organization and shall endeavor to adopt such programs in this church, subject to the approval of the church. He shall see that a full accurate report is given at the regular business meetings of the church.
SECTION 4.  Music Director. The Music Director shall be responsible for providing worshipful music at all services. The Director is to direct the choir, or choirs, in practice and public singing and is to cooperate with the pastor and other leaders in the selection of suitable music, and the devising of the appropriate musical programs for all occasions where such services are needed.
SECTION 5. Pianist-Organist. The Pianist-Organist shall play for all public services and shall assist the Music Director in a suitable program of music for the church.
SECTION 1. Number of Committees. The church shall elect such standing committees as may be deemed necessary to carry on the phases of the program of the church efficiently and effectively.
Special Committees shall be elected for specific obligations as desired by the church. These committees shall be elected by the church pr appointed by the moderator.
SECTION 1. These By-Laws shall be considered adopted and in immediate effect if and when a majority of the members present at the business meeting at which the vote is taken shall vote in favor of the same.
SECTION 2. Any of the rules in these By-Laws may be amended, altered, or repealed by a majority vote of the members present at any regular business meeting of the church; provided, however, that notice and proposal of such amendment, alteration of repeal must be given in writing at the preceding regular business meeting of the church.
SECTION 1. The adoption of this Constitution and By-Laws shall affect a repeal of all previously adopted rules in conflict herewith.
SECTION 2. A copy of this Constitution and By-Laws shall at all times be kept by the clerk among his records and another copy shall be kept in the church office, and all amendments to or revisions thereof shall, after passage by the church, be prepared by the clerk and pasted in the copies of the Constitution and By-Laws and made available to the church members generally upon request.
As presented to the Convention and adopted in 1925, the New Hampshire Confession of Faith revised certain points and with some additional articles growing out of present needs. (Found in the booklet THE BAPTIST FAITH AND MESSAGE).
          Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised is the authority for parliamentary rules of procedure for all business meetings of the church.